A good sign?

When people ask where we’re going on our upcoming adventure, we honestly say ‘we don’t know.’ What we do know is that where ever we go, we’ll be looking for opportunities to play music with others. Not quite sure how we’ll find the others – we figure we’ll figure it out…

So we stored the RV for the winter in a hangar at the little local glider airport. When we stopped by to retrieve it, we were chatting with Paul, the pilot who owns the hangar. He naturally asked where we were going and got excited at our usual response. ‘Hey, I play bass!’ Two hours later, we were jamming at the house…

Here we are day minus 30 plus or minus of the adventure and we’ve already had our first RV-related jam session! Guess it won’t be that hard… A sign of things to come?

The Crunch

Yes! Our rolling home has been freed from winter storage. We hooked up the batteries, checked the tires, started ‘er up and drove off. Awesome!

Now the crunch begins – five weeks to get the stationary house ready for a house-sitter, de-winterize, clean, service, and load up the rig (also fix a couple of things and make a couple of mods), check over the bikes & make sure the new bike rack works, pack up the instruments, check our total weight (and figure out what stays behind? Hope not!), say goodbye to everybody, and hit the road.

View at home

Beginning to get ready to get started…

We went over to check on the RV in storage this morning, not having seen or touched it since we shut the door at the beginning of November. I wasn’t sure of the best way to deal with the batteries over the winter, so I’d opted to try the simplest solution first: charge them up, disconnect them, and leave them alone. This morning I was very pleased to find all the batteries holding a pretty good charge — 12.2V on the coach battery (50-60%), 12.35V and 12.42V on the house batteries (70-80%) — so we should be able to hook ’em up and drive away! I won’t even bother to put them on the charger until we get home. Also found no evidence of any long-term mouse infestation, another big relief.

Storing the View