The Great Lakes end, and begin

The Tibbets Point Lighthouse in Cape Vincent NY is at the start of the St. Lawrence River and the outflow of Lake Ontario, so for us it marks the true beginning of the Great Lakes portion of our journey.

Tibbets Point Lighthouse

The photo below shows (from left to right) the lighthouse keeper’s residence, the lighthouse itself, and the foghorn building.

Tibbets Point Lighthouse

Inside the foghorn building is an exhibit featuring the ancient Ingersoll-Rand compressor, a couple of massive air tanks with which to blow the horn, and, on the wall, this tribute to a benefactor of the lighthouse historical site:

In high school, we always knew that my ninth-grade French teacher, Dr. Hetzler, spent her summers in some exotic place, but never knew exactly where – and I probably haven’t thought about it or her for almost 50 years – so it was with great surprise that this familiar-looking portrait and that familiar-sounding name came together and the memory suddenly reappeared. Small world!*

*But I’d hate to have to paint it…

2 thoughts on “The Great Lakes end, and begin”

  1. Was just thinking about you guys! So good to have this update. Sometimes the unexpected stops are really the best.

    Summer is starting to look good now that I am back in action. Feels good. Wish you were going to be around to celebrate my 7-0. YIKES!

    1. Thanks Chris! Agree on the unexpected stops…

      So glad to hear you’re back on your feet! Sorry to miss your party – we’ll be there in spirit. HB!

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