Heading North! (Again)

Yup, we’ve decided to head to Alaska for this year’s adventure. The concept is:

  • Head across the northern US toward Montana, then take a right toward and joining the Alaska Highway (formerly known as the AlCan)
  • Explore Alaska
  • Head back in the fall (August in Alaska) on a more westerly route to explore British Columbia
  • Get to Vermont before it snows, about November 1
  • Make up everything in between.
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First Gig!

Bear Swamp Blues Band (Photo by Jim Panos)

It was yet another great ski season, and the call of fabulous spring skiing has been distracting us a bit from thoughts of travel.

As did our gig. Yup! We set a goal for our blues band to play at least one gig this winter. Success! We made our debut on April 7 to a well attended party at the Castlerock Pub, at Sugarbush, our local ski resort. Judging by the smiles, dancing, high fives, hugs and smiles, our friends appear to have had fun. Our 6-piece band, the Bear Swamp Blues Band, had a great time as well. With planning, rehearsals and requisite jitters behind us all, it’s now time for the Destinators to start focusing on this year’s trip.

But first, a quick recap of our 2018 trip.

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