St. Simons Island Blues

Bridge to SSIWe’re expecting to be back to Vermont in less than a week. As we close in on the end of our time on the road, our schedule is losing a lot of the elasticity to which we’ve been happily accustomed (and wouldn’t my English teacher have been proud of that phrase?*).

On our northbound sprint we seized an opportunity to stop on St. Simons Island in Georgia for a visit with Steve (aka SteveG), one of my blues brothers from BGU, and his wife Bruni, both of whom we’d been with in Memphis just a couple of weeks ago.

This was one of those visits where we wish we’d had a little more time. Still, we managed to get in a satisfying amount of chatting, a tour of St. Simons, a most pleasant dinner, and a few hours of jamming and music (including an impromptu living room concert).

Doug, Steve, Bruni, and Sue on the St. Simons Island pier

We really liked this wonderful place – it’s high upĀ on our “come back again” list – and totally enjoyed the time we spent with these wonderful people. Thanks, Steve & Bruni!

A few more SSI photos

*Yes, she would.

4 thoughts on “St. Simons Island Blues”

  1. I’m sure you saw that Killington opened. Snow above the maples on Mansfield, and all the rest. I just finished another window quilt, and we replaced a broken part on our wood stove.

    Vermont awaits you! (Craig and Jeanne too).

    1. Thanks Jeannie! Sounds like you’ve been busy! Yes, started hearing about the snow while walking along the beach in Florida. Still planning to be back 11/1. See you soon!

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