We have arrived in Utah where we plan to stay for a bit and explore. The re-positioning portion of our trip is complete. We’re about to slow way down.

More to come…

If you’re interested, more pix on NW NM, Four Corners and Wilson Arch

6 thoughts on “Utah!”

    1. Thanks Barb! The exploring has begun. We’ve been fortunate to have OPDs (other people’s dogs) to help us. Ear scratches to Willy!

    1. Thanks Peter! So much to learn – scrambling over slick rock, finding the best perspective, collaborating with other photographer/scramblers for interesting shots…

      We’ve seen more small RVs in the first 2 days in Utah than all of last year. Yours will fit in nicely when you get here!

  1. Congrats on reaching the Slick Rock Promised Land! Have fun dinking around, if you get out on your bikes it should help relieve Tourist syndrome. Had to struggle not to get knocked off the cliff edges by CT’s rushing around for their selfies at the Grand Canyon last October and even on up into Page.

    1. Thanks Al! Yes, we’re having great fun in the Slick Rock! And, we’re quickly learning how to find those wonderful secret places the bus tours don’t visit.

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