The plan

Ha! You were thinking we might have one!

We really enjoyed our approach to adventure planning (others might call it non-planning), well honed on last year’s adventure. We set an intention to explore one or two areas of the country, then connect them up. As we go along.

Neither one of us has ever been to the Southern UT/Northern AZ canyons, so we’ve set aside the month of May – after the snows, before the heat and crowds – to hike, bike and generally check out this gorgeous and unique terrain that is so unlike New England.  We’ll know when we’re done, and at that point, we’ll likely head north as the temps turn into summer. We’d like to see Glacier National Park. Then, we’ll likely head to the left coast, visiting friends and family, looking for music jams and enjoying fun places until it’s time to come back to New England.

Unlike last year, this adventure will require some ‘re-positioning.’ We most enjoy poking around slowly, following the wind and sound of blues. For the first few weeks this year, we’ll travel slightly longer days in a more or less direct line to Moab, threatening to visit any friends and family that may be along that line.

Of course, we’ll adapt as we go along…

2 thoughts on “The plan”

  1. Wow! Who knew retirement could be so much fun? This is like 60-something Easy Rider without the drugs (at least not in the same kinds and quantities, and only in states where it’s legal) or all the bad stuff. Maybe if Billy and Captain America had ridden mountain bikes instead of Harleys they’d still be alive. But I digress. I am trying to take little pieces of retirement before I actually retire (who knows when or if that will ever happen, and better do things now before knees or other body parts deteriorate) mostly revolving around skiing: last April my brother Peter and I went skiing and apres-skiing in St. Anton and in February he and I and his son Nick spent a week in Utah, skiing at Alta, Snowbird, Powder Mountain, and Solitude, and Carlie and I are thinking of closing out the season at Mammoth on July 4th weekend.

    Anyway, happy trails, put me on your mailing list, we’ll make a plan to see you in VT next winter.

    1. Cool, thanks! Retirement, even part-time, is good. Skiing on Independence Day sounds​ awesome, and intriguing… wonder where we’ll be then?

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