From our point of view, our friends and family tour of the west was hugely fun! Since August 10, we’ve made 16 stops to visit friends and family (17 if we count seeing Dana and Muffin twice). It’s important for us to stay in touch. And it was outrageous to meet up with long lost cousins!

Ah, but the leaves are changing, the temps are dropping, and there’s snow on the higher ridges. That can only mean one thing…  We’re onto the fourth portion of this year’s adventure – our re-positioning back to Vermont. There’ll be fewer destination stops. And we’ll be seeking out adventures along a more direct (our definition) route while keeping an eye out for early cold snaps and snowstorms.

Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Eastbound”

  1. I’m finally in cell range long enough to catch up on a few things; like finding out what you two have been up to! Lots of great adventures, I see. I’m so impressed with your ability to keep up on your blog. I suppose it helps that there are two of you…

    I’ve failed miserably in keeping up with mine and am only marginally better with FB posts. Oh well. There’s SO much to be seen out there and I so often land where there is no cell coverage. My FB account keeps sharing memories of where I was a year ago — seeing the vibrant England fall colors for the first time and exploring your home state (among others). I’m exploring the Eastern Sierras at the moment, where fall colors aren’t quite the same, but the mountains are gorgeous. I’ve had a few overnight water freeze ups so I’ll probably have to start my southward migration before long. Maybe as the days get shorter (and I spend less time outdoors doing mega-hikes like Mt. Whitney in a day — 22 miles/6,000+ elevation gain — oof!) I’ll stand a better chance of doing some blogging?

    Have a safe/adventurous trip back and a wonderful ski season.

    1. Thanks Gail! Yes it does help that there are 2of us… Only 1 of us needs to make dinner, plan routes and empty tanks. Leaves a bit more time for blogging.

      Wow on Whitney! Congrats! Glad you’re having fun in the Sierras. We only got a touch on this trip. We’ll be back to explore proper on another trip. And you inspired us to bring backpacking gear in the future. Thanks!

      Stay in touch over the winter. No clue where we’re heading next year. Maybe we’ll meet up and hike again in some gorgeous spot…

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