The power outage only lasted 36 hours. We savored our last night in our RV in our own driveway (which would get a 5-star review by our criteria – quiet, dark, level, nice view, close to hiking and other activities, free). It’ll take a couple of days to transition back to stationary mode – then the focus will shift to skiing, music and planning the next adventure.

The frequency of our posting will slow a bit now that we’re home, although we do plan a few updates. Otherwise, we’ll catch you when the next adventure begins. Thanks for joining us!

2 thoughts on “Home!”

  1. Been fun watching your adventure (and being a small part of it). Have a great winter! Maybe we’ll see you next year.

    Pete & Sue

    1. Thanks Pete and Sue for joining our adventure! It was quite easy to meet up with a spur of the moment opportunity. Imagine what we could do with a bit of planning… We’ll connect again. Enjoy your winter as well.

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