Delmar, NY

Doug, Sue, Al, Sandra

Al now has the definitive record for the largest number of visits on our RV adventures. That number is now 5. Visiting with Al is almost like coming home again. To fresh baked bread. Did we mention Al loves to bake bread? His latest multi-grain, nut, seed creation is a 10!

Al and partner Sandra surprised us with the news they were planning an RV vacation to test the waters of this mode of travel, and that visions of RV adventuring were dancing in their heads. We traded lots of tips and considerations, enjoyed answering lots of questions and took them out on a full tour of the rig, including a quick test drive. Hmm, could more of our adventure-oriented friends be hitting the road soon?

We were inspired by the slide show of their recent trip to Alaska, which included a backpacking adventure in¬†Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.¬†We lingered for a while over coffee and home-baked bread, planning more hiking and ski trips, before we headed north to Vermont on our last day on the road. There was no reason to hurry…


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  1. Welcome home. Don’t freak out if you let the water run for more than a few seconds! Looking forward to seeing you both soon. M&P

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