April showers…

…bring interesting storms into eastern Colorado and New Mexico in the spring. So what are the options for a couple of adventurers in a 6 ton RV with 6 all-season tires (2 of them brand new!) heading through Taos and Santa Fe to Albuquerque, with a forecast for 12+ inches of snow?

1. Pull out a bunch of videos and find a campground with electricity and hunker down til the snow melts in a couple of days; call friends in Albuquerque and cancel visit.

2. Get on an interstate (any one) and head back east until the forecast stops including winter storm warnings; call friends in Moab to let them know we’ll be a few days late.

3. Point toward the storm and drive a longer day, aiming to be southwest of the storm before the worst of it hits (we’re Vermonters after all!); call friends in Albuquerque and find out what’s for breakfast.

We opted for number three. We had wanted to spend a little time in Taos and Santa Fe to explore a bit and break up the long drive to visit friends near Albuquerque. Instead, we drove through and saw a few sights, thankfully missing the snow altogether. We got a bit of rain overnight and woke to 20-something temps.

Spanish Peaks and storm on the horizon

It’s 70 degrees in Moab…

2 thoughts on “April showers…”

  1. If you haven’t heard the rain here has been frightful! The worst is over.. so say the weather oracles. Fortunately the flood this year was slightly less than 2015. We are high and dry, thank you.

    First look at the web page. You seem to be having an adventure and a lot of fun. That happens in the big mountains. Nice reading again. Keep on reporting the great adventures and good times!! We are very happy to keep up.

    From wet Missouri,

    Jerry, Suzy and your friend Turner.

    1. Thanks Jerry and Suzy! Glad to hear you’re high and dry! Fortunately, we are, too. With a different view! Glad you’re enjoying reading about the adventures. We’re glad to carry on!

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